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Get prices fast and easy as you stream

all while increasing chat engagement

Input Command:

!price san 308

!trade san 308

try it

Why use Fleamarketbot?

With so many items in Escape from Tarkov it's hard to keep track of all of their prices. Luckily, with Fleamarketbot you don't have to. Fleamarketbot allows chat to contribute to your raid by checking flea market and trader prices so you can stay focused on the game.

Who uses Fleamarketbot?

150+ more...

What can Fleamarketbot do?


  • !price ['item name']
  • Bot responds with the current flea market price of the item

  • - !trade ['item name']
  • Bot responds with the best current trader price of the item

  • - !flea delay ['time in seconds']
  • Bot only responds to commands every ['time in seconds']

  • - !flea modonly
  • Bot only responds to mods

  • - !flea subonly
  • Bot only responds to subs

  • - !flea allchat
  • Bot responds to everyone

  • - !flea command
  • Bot responds with all commands

    Fleamarketbot is a Twitch.tv chat bot that makes it easier for chat to interact and provide information to the streamer. By using simple commands in chat, you can get current Escape From Tarkov flea market and trader prices. Fleamarketbot makes it fast and super simple to get accurate prices on all in-game items.